03 Train the Trainer (TT002/22)

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This course introduces the Competency-based training (CBT) concept for Air Traffic Controllers
(ATCO) and Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel (ATSEP) and provide guidance for
its implementation, as outlined in the fourth amendment to Doc 9868 - Procedures for
Air Navigation Services — Training (PANS-TRG) and associated training manuals.
Target Audience
• Personnel from training centers, Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) and Civil
Aviation Authorities responsible for the management of ATSEP and ATCO training
• Civil Aviation Authority personnel responsible for the management of ATCO and
ATSEP regulation, auditing and oversight of training
• Civil Aviation Authority personnel responsible for conducting audits and oversight of
ATSEP and ATCO training
• ATSEPs/ATCOs, Course Developers, Instructors and Assessors
• Training managers, regulators, and other personnel involved in the delivery of ATSEP
and ATCO training

  • CBT01 module 1 Course-Workshop Introduction
  • CBT02 Module 2 NGAP Mission
  • CBT03 Module 3 Competency Based Training
  • CBT04 Module 4 The PANS-TRG ATCO competency framework
  • CBT05 Module 5 The ICAO Competency Framework
  • CBT06 Module 6 Example Adapted Competency Model
  • CBT07 Module 7 Workflow 2 _ Part 2
  • CBT08 Module 8 Milestones
  • CBT09 Module 9 The Assessment Plan
  • CBT10 Module 10 CBT Instructing and Assessing
  • CBT11 Module 11 Basic Training Matrix _ Example Syllabus
  • CBT12 Module 12 Example Training Events
  • CBT13 Module 13 Unit Training
  • CBT14 Module 14 Refresher Training
  • CBT15 Module 15 Training Benefits Analysis
  • CBT16 Module 16 Conversion Training
  • TTT Assignment
  • Adapted Competency Model Assignment
  • Training Methods and Tools
  • End of course feedback (CBT)
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever