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Basic ATC Course - Equipment and Systems (EQPSB 01)

ICAO 051- Basic Course mapped to the European Core Content. This course is blended with Webnars, Live Video Sessions and Online Lessons also available via the app.
  • EQPSB-01 ATC Equipment
  • EQPSB-02 Radio- Direction Finding
  • EQPSB-03 Communications Equipment
  • EQPSB-04 Introduction to Surveillance
  • EQPSB-05-Radar 1
  • EQPSB-07 Radar - Mode S
  • EQPSB-08 Automatic Dependent Surveillance
  • EQPSB-09 Automation in ATC
  • EQPSB-10 Multilateration
  • EQPSB-11 Surveillance Data Processing
  • EQPSB-13 Automation Working Positions
  • QUIZ
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever